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General Dentistry

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At Bliss Dental Group, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality general dentistry care! We do this with our comprehensive dental cleanings and oral health exams, safe and easy digital x-rays, advanced CBCT imaging, and natural-looking composite fillings.

Routine Cleanings and Exams

Routine dental cleanings and oral health exams for the whole family are the foundation of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. These comprehensive exams help us to keep your family’s smiles looking their very best.

When you come into Bliss Dental Group, our skilled hygienists will give your teeth and gums a thorough cleaning. Even if you follow a regular home dental care routine, a professional cleaning ensures that your teeth are protected from potential plaque build-up in the most hard-to-reach places.

Following your cleaning, one of our experienced dentists will come and give you a comprehensive oral exam. During these exams, we look for signs of tooth decay, damage to teeth, gum disease and oral cancers. Early detection and treatment of these problems is the best way to prevent them from becoming more serious, and more costly, dental health issues in the future.

For children and patients with certain dental health issues, like advanced gum disease, we may suggest a fluoride treatment as part of your routine cleaning and exam. Fluoride treatment takes just a few minutes to apply and is a safe way to further protect teeth from harmful decay.

We recommend scheduling bi-annual oral health exams and cleanings for all the members of your family. We may advise more frequent routine visits for patients with certain oral health conditions, like periodontal disease. These routine visits allow us to provide you and your loved ones with the preventive dental care you all need to maintain healthy smiles. 

Digital X-Rays

At a routine oral health care appointment, we will periodically take complete x-rays of your teeth and mouth. Even if you have no outstanding problems with your teeth, regular x-rays allow us to have a record of any changes to your teeth and gums.

At Bliss Dental Group, we use modern digital x-ray technology to capture images of your teeth and mouth. This advanced dental x-ray technology reduces our patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 90%, making them safer than traditional x-rays.

To take a digital x-ray, our hygienist or dentist will place an electronic sensor in your mouth. This electronic sensor is connected to a computer and transmits the x-ray image for viewing and storing. 

Digital x-rays produce higher quality images than traditional x-rays. The images they produce can be expand and reduced for more accurate viewing and diagnosis. With digital x-rays, the images are stored as a file on a computer, making it easy to archive or send the images to other dental specialists if necessary.

CBCT Imaging

If your dentist identifies a tooth with a potential problem but is unable to see the tooth clearly in a digital x-ray, our CBCT imaging technology can provide a more comprehensive picture. By creating a 3D image with CBCT, we can see your teeth and mouth from all angles.

CBCT, which stands for Cone Beam Computed Technology, creates an image that includes not just your teeth, but also your bones, soft tissue, and nerve pathways. A CBCT scan creates a highly detailed image of all these connected structures, providing important information about potential oral health issues.

CBCT scans take less than a minute to complete and are completely painless. The CBCT machine records multiple images using a rotating scanner that circles your head. Like our digital x-ray technology, CBCT imaging exposes you to less radiation than traditional x-rays while producing a far more informative image.

Additionally, we can also use a CBCT scan to plan treatment. The detailed images created by a CBCT scan allow us to precisely pre-plan treatments like tooth extractions and dental implants. 

White Composite Fillings

In the past, if you had a cavity that needed to be filled, the most common option was silver amalgam fillings which compromised the appearance of your smile. Today, Bliss Dental Group can offer you a better option: tooth-colored composite fillings!

Composite fillings are made of a high-quality resin composite that we can use to fill cavities as well as to repair or reshape teeth. The resin composite can be shaded to exactly match the hue of your surrounding teeth, allowing for a subtle and natural appearance.

These fillings easily bond to the tooth structure which allows us to remove less of the natural tooth when treating a cavity. They are also long-lasting: when properly cared for, these fillings can last for 10 years or more.  

We can also use composite fillings to improve the look for your smile. Tooth-colored composite fillings can be used to replace existing metal fillings, giving you back a full set of beautiful white teeth. 

Whatever your general dentistry needs, Bliss Dental Group is here to provide you and your family with dental care that uses the most advanced technologies and effective treatment options! 

If you are looking for a general dentistry care provider for your family, contact Bliss Dental Group today to schedule an appointment!

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